Home 2023 Stack Overflow Developer Survey includes Delphi - place your vote today!

2023 Stack Overflow Developer Survey includes Delphi - place your vote today!

The 13th annual developer survey from Stack Overflow includes options to select Delphi and RAD Studio. This is a very popular survey within the developer community with over 70,000 developers participating last year - so let’s help represent the Delphi developer!

As usual, you do not have to be an active Stack Overflow member to take the survey and the answers are all anonymous. Here is a link to the survey. It takes under ten minutes to complete. (Note: to save time, the last section is an optional “Professional Developer Series” and can be skipped.)

Stackoverflow 2023 Developer Survey

As seen below, ensure you select your favorite programming language - Delphi! Ensure to check both columns - “Worked with in PAST year” and “Want to work with NEXT year” (If you are brand new to Delphi, just check the “Want to work with NEXT year” option.)

2023 Stack Overflow developer survey with Delphi checked

Shortly after in the survey, ensure you select RAD Studio in the development environments question as seen below:

2023 Stack Overflow developer survey with RAD Studio checked

2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results For Delphi

Delphi was added to the 2022 developer survey and the results were mixed. We certainly did not get enough participation last year and we need to show our support for Delphi this year! My blog post from last year regarding the 2022 developer survey received over 3,000 views but Delphi received only 2,311 responses. If everyone reading this blog post actually takes the survey and votes for Delphi (and you get your co-workers and friends to vote) we can make a much larger impression in the 2023 developer survey!

You can see the results from 2022 below, with Delphi only receiving 2,311 responses. We can certainly push this number up for the 2023 survey results!

Delphi responses from the 2022 developer survey

An amazing result from last year was that Delphi made it into the Top 10 in regard to “Loved vs Dreaded” programming languages, as seen below.

Delphi was in the Top 10 for Loved languages

The last image was great, but the next one is devastating. Out of the 71,467 responses, “the number of developers who are not developing with the language or technology but have expressed interest in developing with it” had only 162 responses for Delphi, making it dead last in the list as seen below:

Delphi was last in the languages wanting to learn

We definitely have a lot of work ahead of us in the Delphi Community! We need to push our favorite tool as the best answer to many project requirements. As proven earlier, those that actually use Delphi love it more than most any other language. There is a simple reason for that - Delphi is amazing! New developers should want to learn Delphi as it is such a powerful tool.

So - share the link and get out the vote! LET’S GO!