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With decades of experience in providing technology solutions, our company is uniquely positioned to produce high quality, battle tested solutions to solve nearly any problem. While we cannot bring about World Peace, we can certainly bring software and technology solutions to the market in a quick and efficient manner.​

We have been creating solutions since the MS-DOS days, followed by Microsoft Windows which dominated for years before the rush of the web and mobile. The market continues to rapidly advance and a combination of Windows, Mobile, and Cloud technologies is needed today to satisfy all users. ​

After a recent exit from a Private Equity purchase of the last software company, we are securely funded, highly experienced, and extremely motivated to bring our ideas, and potentially yours, to the market.


Current Projects

Our core platform is being built to provide solutions across multiple industries with the following three main goals kept in the forefront of all design and implementation decisions:

Security First: Security is baked in from the ground up to offer PCI SSF and ISO/IEC 27001 compliant solutions and to cover FCRA and GLBA requirements as well as other common Federal, State, and Local requirements for the protection of PII and other confidential data. If it’s not secure, then why use it?

Simplicity: Our solutions are purposely built to avoid the requirement of hands on training to successfully use. We don’t believe that you should have to Read The Full Manual (RTFM). If it’s not simple, it’s not usable!

Speed: If you have to wait to use something it just won’t be used. Who wants to wait on a mouse click? We don’t and we are pretty sure you don’t either. ​