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Global Delphi Summit 2024 in Amsterdam

Delphi Summit - June 2024. Have you heard? There is a great convention dedicated to Delphi Developers coming this June to Amsterdam! The 2024 Global Delphi Summit is sponsored by GDK Software, E...

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DelphiCon 2021 coming soon! Free 3-Day online conference for Delphi developers around the world.

Let it be known to Delphi developers around the world that DelphiCon 2021 is almost here! Click here to find out more details and to view the schedule of this free three-day online event. You can ...

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RADAuthenticator Part 3 - Upgrade Unit Testing in Delphi with TestInsight

It the first two parts of this blog series, we covered some underlying technical code - first on base32 encoding and then in part-two we covered TOTP for one-time use password generation. We also c...

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Speed test results building Spring4D in Delphi 10.4.2 versus 10.4.1

Jim McKeeth’s new blog post covered a YouTube video he made comparing building the well-known HeidiSQL open source project in RAD Studio 10.4.1 and then he rebuilt that same project in 10.4.2 resul...

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Now an Embarcadero MVP for Delphi!

If you have been a member of the Delphi community for any length of time, you should come to recognize developer MVPs. The Embarcadero MVP Program contains some of the most well-known names in the ...

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Delphi 10.4 Sydney is the best tool for creating Windows Applications

The best tool is getting even better! The latest release of Delphi is to be launched this week and the support for Windows is much improved with High DPI Styles and per control styling support! De...