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Unofficial Delphi LSP fix for 11.2 is now available

For users that have upgraded to RAD Studio 11.2, there have been some annoying problems with CodeInsight regressions with the LSP functionality randomly failing. The 11.3 beta process is ongoing (i...

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RAD Studio 11.1 Alexandria is here with binary compatibility with 11.0

Embarcadero has released the first update to RAD Studio 11 Alexandria on March 15th. I have seen a number of questions about this update and I wanted to post a quick blog entry to help address the ...

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Overflow and Range checking are now enabled by default for Debug builds

I did not notice this new feature of RAD Studio 11 Alexandria until today. It has been a popular request for a few years now on Quality Portal with RSP-16751 collecting 76 votes since January 2017....

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New links and resource page for RAD Studio 11 Alexandria

Embarcadero has recently unleashed RAD Studio 11 Alexandria. It is certainly another historic release with great features including a massive amount of effort targeting a high quality IDE experienc...

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Quick fix for for RAD Studio 11 license failure during installation

License Fix RAD Studio 11 was just released today! For some users, you may have trouble getting RAD Studio installed due to license failures. One way of solving this issue was posted today on Twitt...

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Customize the RAD Studio 11 Welcome Page for single click activations

One of the features of RAD Studio 11 is a completely new Welcome Page screen. Embarcadero utilized a VCL designed screen instead of relying on browser-based content (as used in previous versions) m...