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Delphi Developers Twitter Community available

I received a notification from Twitter that I was invited to start a Twitter Community so I did a quick search and did not find any existing Delphi-related communities, so I started a new Delphi Developers Community on Twitter. We quickly jumped up to 73 members and everyone is invited to join (and to invite others as well.)

Delphi Developers community on Twitter

A little while after posting a Tweet about the community, I received a note that Embarcadero already has a Twitter Community available which is currently moderated by Embarcadero employees. It can be found here I noticed that it had 111 members but it looks like the vast majority of posts over the last few months was from one account that has been restricted. I decided to keep my new community alive for now and see what sort of traffic it gets.

Some may ask (again) - why another public group? The answer remains the same - because everyone has their own preferences and the world full of wonderful choice. I might setup other groups on other services soon. If you have a suggestion, let me know!

See you online!