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Patch misfire - try/finally fix to be re-released

As posted in yesterday’s blog post, there were two patches released for a few critical bugs in Delphi 10.4.2. One bug fix was RSP-33117 which involves an issue with TRY/FINALLY when there was a RAISE statement within the FINALLY section on non-Windows platforms.

In the comments section, João Antônio Duarte initially reported that the patch did not correct the issue and Dalija Prasnikar confirmed that it was still broken. Takeshi Arisawa also confirmed that the patch did not contain the fix for RSP-33117 so a re-release is needed:

This is a problem with the packaging. We will release another patch about this RSP-33117 issue.

Delphi 10.4.2 patch misfire

On the plus side, Vincent Parrett reported successfully testing the other major 10.4.2 patch:

So far so good. I turned LSP back on, was able to do a full build (100+ projects in the group) - then debug the main project, exit, change some code, compile and debug again. The IDE is using a lot of memory though. Code navigation between projects is still broken for LSP (when only referencing dcp’s) - so back to classic code insight it is.