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Use CreateProcess and capture the output in Windows

It is highly likely that most Delphi programmers already have some code in the toolbox for launching applications on Windows. I know that I have written a few different utility functions myself ove...

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Simple Code Profiling In Delphi

I imagine most Delphi developers have written code similar to the following to quickly test a block of code using the Now function: procedure TDemoExecutionProfilerForm.DoSomeComplexCode; var St...

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Utility class for activating external VCL Style files in Delphi

The VCL Styles feature in Delphi has seen major improvements as of late, including High DPI and 4K monitors in RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney. It seems like a rather niche feature for many Delphi developer...

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Revisiting TThreadedQueue and TMonitor in Delphi

Unfortunately, both TThreadedQueue and TMonitor have a tainted history in Delphi. The original release of TThreadedQueue looked promising, with Mason Wheeler even classifying the new feature in Del...

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Name your threads, even the ones auto-created by Delphi

I haven’t heard of too many Delphi developers that insist on naming all threads created in an application, but I think it is good practice. Call me overly pedantic if you must, but the practice cer...

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Writing Cross Framework code in Delphi

Sharing Delphi code between your FMX and VCL applications is pretty easy for non-visual functionality, with the exception of zero-based strings (and ARC on mobile platforms which is being rolled ba...