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Global Delphi Summit 2024 in Amsterdam

Delphi Summit - June 2024.

Have you heard? There is a great convention dedicated to Delphi Developers coming this June to Amsterdam! The 2024 Global Delphi Summit is sponsored by GDK Software, Embarcadero, and Barnsten and features a great list of speakers and informative sessions.

Global Delphi Summit 2024

View the quick YouTube introductory video: Invite for the Delphi Summit 2024 featuring Marco Geuze, Jim McKeeth, and Ian Barker. The summit is at the H20 Esports Campus in Purmerend, which is just north of Amsterdam.

Here is the current list of speakers:

  • Jim McKeeth
  • Marco Cantu
  • Ian Barker
  • Kees de Kraker
  • Olaf Monien
  • Steffen Nyeland
  • Bob Swart
  • Richard Hatherhall
  • Primož Gabrijelčič
  • Stefan Glienke
  • Christoph Schneider
  • Conrad Vermeulen
  • Frank Lauter
  • Fabrizio Bitti
  • Serge Pilko
  • Marco Geuze
  • Carlos Agnes
  • Andrea Raimondi
  • Cary Jensen
  • Patrick Quist

Below is the current schedule for the two-day event (but ensure to view the event links to see the most updated list as the schedule has not yet been finalized.)

Day 1 Schedule

Live Streaming Invoice

Day 2 Schedule

Live Streaming Invoice

If you are like me and you cannot be one of the lucky developers that can be there in person - do the next best thing and buy your live streaming tickets here.

  • Watch experts and industry leaders share insights on the Delphi Summit 2024
  • Learn about the latest innovations and emerging technologies
  • Participate in live Q&A sessions with the speakers
  • Connect with a global community of tech enthusiasts
  • Access the recordings of the event after the live streaming is over

Discount Available!

There is currently an “Early Bird” 50 Euro discount off the price of live streaming (and also a discount for in-person tickets.) As you can see below, I have my ticket ordered - buy yours today and support your favorite development tool - DELPHI!

Live Streaming Invoice


Additional sponsors

As stated on the Delphi Developers Telegram Server by Eivind Bakkestuen, NexusDB will be present at the conference as a sponsor.