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Recent system outages on Embarcadero websites

There has been persistent connectivity issues recently to Embarcadero websites including their DocWiki, Quality Portal and others. The issue is being actively discussed in multiple channels including on Telegram and Facebook. There are apparently some underlying infrastructure issues that they have been chasing and you should look for an official announcement soon.

Ian Barker posted a quick update on Telegram this morning Update on outage

For future reference, there is a status page that you can refer to verify the uptime of their web services. This was put online by the veritable Jeroen Wiert Pluimers as posted on Twitter back in 2022.

Uptime Monitoring of Embarcadero Sites

Look for an official announcement on Embarcadero’s blog site or check our Telegram group for any further updates.

Connection Failure


January 17, 2024

Ian Barker released a blog post with some details about the outage:

Update 2

January 20, 2024

Ian Barker announced on Slack that Embarcadero has put some packages up on my.embarcadero.com so that people with an update subscription can download them and install then is the GetIt “install local packages” function.

Update 3

January 21, 2024

Uwe Raabe posted some instructions on the Delphi-PRAXiS forums on how to reinstall help from the ISO while the network outage continues:

“If you did not install from the ISO in the first place or have already changed to online mode before, open a command prompt in the Delphi bin folder and execute

getitcmd c=useoffline

You can as well change the SeviceKind setting to Offline in the registry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS\23.0\CatalogRepository (for Delphi 12). There you can specify the path to the gof file from the ISO under ServicePath.

Up to here, all this is to tell the Feature Manager where to look for the installation files.

Then start the IDE and select Tools - Manage Features. There you can select Help and install it.”

Update 4

January 22, 2024

I noticed on StackOverflow today that a question was asked on January 7th: GetIt failed to load so the troubles possibly started about a week before the major outage began.

I added a new status page to track uptime of Delphi related services without all the old servers listed on Jeroen’s page (and also so I would get notified when an outage is detected.) It’s a free service provided by Uptime Robot: https://stats.uptimerobot.com/zJjvZI8vEZ

Embarcadero staff might be getting a little stressed about this outage by now. Those responsible for server management are in a different group so the front-line Embarcadero staff are bearing the blunt of the communication from customers around the globe while the IT staff is insulated. The week+ long outage in late 2022 didn’t result in major improvements…I wonder if the week+ long outage in early 2024 will?

Update 5

January 22, 2024

Ian Barker posted a reply on the Delphi PRAXiS forums that the event is definitely hardware related and involves more than one server. “it was a cascade of events and multiple affected servers and hardware.”

Update 6

January 23, 2024

The DocWiki is back online as of 16:40 UTC. GetIt still seems to be having troubles.

Update 7

January 25, 2024

The official blog post was updated this morning.

“The Embarcadero IT team is still working on restoring and migrating some of the systems that have been affected by this hardware outage and we’d like to provide you an update:

  • The DocWiki site has been restored and should now be working fine, see https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Athens/en/What%27s_New
  • We have also added two downloads for Local GetIt packages on my.embarcadero.com, with a small number of GetIt packages, including IDE extension, core components, and FMXLinux. This is the same we did in the past, see https://blogs.embarcadero.com/embarcadero-getit-packages-download-for-rad-studio-11-2/ .
  • The Quality Portal site, which was only partially affected, has been back to regular work for a few days.
  • The GetIt site (also used for the product installation) is still affected by the outage. The team is not only working on restoring it, but also on migrating it to a new infrastructure.
  • The ISO image for installing RAD Studio 12.0 is available at https://altd.embarcadero.com/download/radstudio/12.0/RADStudio_12_0_4915718.iso “

Update 8

January 26, 2024

DocWiki is down again and Quality Portal is online but with the message

Attention: Embarcadero is migrating its customer bug and feature request 
reporting portal to a new system. This site will remain accessible as 
a read only repository. We'll shortly provide information on how to 
access and report bugs in the new portal.

So it looks like we’re getting some new servers online soon! Huzzah!

DocWiki was reported down at 2024-01-26 15:48 UTC

Update 9

January 27, 2024

A new blog post is available from Embarcadero - Quality Portal Migration

Key information:

 The plan is to have a new public bug reporting and feature request
 portal for RAD Studio using the Atlassian JSM (Jira Service Manager)
 front end, working in conjunction with the JIRA system used by R&D. 
 The new portal will continue to serve the purpose of allowing customers 
 to log issues and make requests, even if it will offer a different 
 user experience. In addition, it will have the advantage of being 
 a standard, stable, and fully integrated system.

 For the time being, the existing Quality Portal system will remain 
 accessible read only. The data on the old system will remain visible, 
 even after the new portal will be in place.

 This migration has been planned for a few months and the expected 
 timeline is now. Quality Portal will shortly become read only. 
 By next week, we’ll have the new portal in place and we’ll have 
 a new blog post explaining how to use it and providing 
 additional information.

Also, the DocWiki site is back online earlier this morning (so they seem to be working over the weekend to attack this ongoing problem.)

Update 10

January 30, 2024

Some systems were down for a short while this morning, presumedly being migrated to a new backend. DocWiki remains online and it feels faster than ever. (It has the ‘new server feel’) However, GetIt remains unusable.

Update 11

February 4, 2024

DocWiki has been down all morning so they are hopefully doing some server shuffling today. The optimist side of me hopes to see an announcement later today, or perhaps on Monday.

Note: You can edit the layout of the Welcome Page and remove the GetIt panels (“New in GetIt” and “Promoted in GetIt”) to prevent the excess load on their servers and the lag on your system during this outage. GetIt Server Outage

Update 12

February 7, 2024

Good news, and more good news… GetIt is now online! (At least for RAD Studio 12 users.)

  • And the patch for RAD Studio 12 is now available in GetIt
  • This patch will be merged with 12.0 to replace the original install with a new ‘inline release’
  • The patch will ‘soon’ be available for manual download in https://my.embarcadero.com
  • Their hardware outage blog post was updated today to include this note:
    Starting today, the majority of the GetIt add-on packages that were available on 
    the previous system have been restored and made available. There is still 
    ongoing work to provide some missing packages, which we are aiming to
    complete by this week.

The bad news:

  • Quality Portal remains in read-only mode (their Quality Portal Migration blog post on January 27th stated "By next week, we’ll have the new portal in place and we’ll have a new blog post explaining how to use it and providing additional information.")

  • GetIt is only available for 12.0. Older versions, including Community Edition coming online later (so a new Community Edition user cannot get a version installed until more progress is made.)

Update 13

February 9, 2024

A new blog post from Embarcadero states that a new inline release is available. The trial installation and regular product installation are now based on this new inline release with version number 29.0.51511.6924

Customers on the original RTM version 
of 12.0 (build version 29.0.50491.5718)
can continue using it, can install 
Patch 1, and can use GetIt packages:

If they used the online installation, 
they cannot add new platforms or 
features to the product. To do so, 
customers will have to reinstall the 
product using the online build (6924) 
or use the offline (ISO) installer 
for the RTM build (5718).

If they used the offline (ISO) installer,
this allows adding platforms and features.  

The new build (6924) is functionally 
equivalent to the RTM build (5718)
with Patch 1 installed. There is no 
reason to move from one to the other 
unless you need to install additional 
target platforms.

Update 14

February 10, 2024

The Community Edition has not been available for new users since this outage began 27 days ago. Embarcadero has recently updated the download page with the notification Download temporarily unavailable, we apologize for the inconvenience. If you are a student or teacher and need to download the Community Edition for a scheduled class, please Contact Sales.

I suppose it is always better late, than never… However, I assume that likely means there are a few more days (at least) to go before this outage event is over otherwise they would not have bothered to update this page.

Update 15

February 20, 2024

It seems that as of this afternoon, the getit-olympus.embarcadero.com server is back online! The new status page is proudly announcing: All systems operational

All Systems Operational

Once confirmed, this means the only item left is the migration of Quality Portal to a new system. The current system ticket system remains in Read-Only mode. Marco Cantu recently left a comment the Quality Portal migration blog page on Feb 16th: “For critical bug reports, please contact Embarcadero support” The target migration completion was as late as February 3rd, so that project is a few weeks behind schedule.

Update 16

February 28, 2024

Correction to Update 15 - there is one more big item left regarding the server outage and that is the GetIt server for 10.4 which is still offline. If you are still using that release (versions 10.4, 10.4.1, and 10.4.2) then GetIt still fails to load. (Perhaps it’s a good time to upgrade?) After verifying today with Embarcadero, there is currently no target date for that to be back online.

Quality Portal is still in read-only mode and no further updates on its replacement has yet been released.

Update 17

March 4, 2024

I have not been able to logon to Quality Portal for the last two days and I believe I saw a reference from another developer that could not logon on March 1 so it has likely been down for the last three days. The server status page shows that it is online as the logon page does display but you receive the logon error: Sorry, an error occurred trying to log you in - please try again. and you simply cannot access the content.

Quality Portal has been in “Read Only mode” since January 26th and now is simply unusable and no updates on their Quality Portal Migration blog page since a comment made by Marco on Feb 16th that suggested accessing Support for any bugs.

Maybe the IT Operations people at Idera (who runs these servers) actually believe the rumor that “Delphi is Dead.” Or maybe they have all their servers busy mining Bitcoin as its price keeps going up…(which is currently at the max of $68,230 which is even more depressing than this server fiasco as I had money in Bitcoin many years ago that I should have left invested. I cannot help but do the math at the amount of money it would be worth today.)

Update 18

March 11, 2024

Finally, the Quality Portal site now allows you to logon again. Unfortunately the site remains in read-only mode.

A comment from Ian Barker from March 7th on their Quality Portal blog post…

The historical information on the old QP has
been carefully curated and preserved internally.
It will definitely not be lost. It was necessary 
for us to carry out substantial reformation on 
the Quality Portal, partly due to some changes
from Atlassian with regard to Jira (the issue 
tracking software behind the scenes of QP) and 
because it had been long overdue. The old 
system had several difficulties for a number 
of reasons and it was necessary to completely 
rework how issues could be reported and how 
they would be tracked and synced on our 
internal systems. Ultimately it should be a 
superior solution. It’s taken longer than we 
expected to get it launched but we are 
almost ready with it now.

As of today, GetIt remains unusable for RAD Studio 10.4. The server downtime event has now reached 58 days. Perhaps this would be a good time to review The 3-2-1 Backup Strategy

tl;dr: 3-2-1 means having at least three copies of your data, two local (on-site) but on different media (read: devices), and at least one copy off-site.

Update 19

March 18, 2024

Another comment left by Ian Barker on the blog post about the Quality Portal Migration in response to “WE aren’t getting much information comment by a user”.

TL;DR: A new system is being tested, no target date established for public release.

I’m not sure I entirely understand your question? 
“We” means me, you, and others? Or others and you?

Let me take another run at explaining…

We (Embarcadero) are currently testing the new portal
among a small group of people both internal and external. 
There are some things which are not right with it and 
we (Embarcadero) are getting those addressed by the 
specialist team who are working on that portal. As I 
mentioned, it took a lot longer to get to that stage 
than we (Embarcadero) had believed. But it has to be 
right due to the importance of the key elements of 
the chain of things which goes on when an issue or
suggested new feature is made via QP.

We (Embarcadero) believe we’ll be ready to roll this 
out soon – and by that, I mean as soon as we 
possibly can. We (actually, in this case it will be 
me) will be producing a blog post introducing the 
new QP and pointing out the new functionality and 
so on.

At scale, there are a lot of moving parts to QP even 
though on the face of it you’d be forgiven for 
thinking “well how hard can it be”. I know. You want 
it quicker. We (Embarcadero) want it quick too. But 
it also has to be right. If we (Embarcadero) make 
missteps, and we (Embarcadero) are clearly not 
magical beasts at avoiding computer-related drama, 
then if it’s in such a fast-moving, critical thing 
such as QP, it can quickly snowball into something 
even more awfulthan it being annoyingly unready 
to launch.

We (Embarcadero) want to get you QP as quickly as 
we can. I think you want that too. You also want 
a date and time, sort of, and that would be nice, 
but the truth is, right now, we can’t be more 
accurate than “very soon, we thought it would be 
ready by now, but it isn’t”.

Also note that GetIt is still unusable for RAD Studio 10.4 (down for 65 days and counting with no announcement of a replacement server being available.)

Update 20

April 11, 2024

After a beta testing period to get the main implementation issues worked out, the Quality Portal replacement site for customers went live on April 5th. Embarcadero posted a blog post with some details: The New Quality Portal Is Live – Here Are The Details

Here is the link to use to access the new QP: https://embt.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals

Here is their current FAQ:

  • If the old QP is now read-only, will I still be able to comment on the reports in there?
    • Yes. You will not be able to create new issues though. New issues and requests need to be raised in the New Embarcadero Quality Portal (QP).
  • Will I be able to see the old QP issues on the new Quality Portal?
    • No. The systems are synchronized internally and we refer to both but there is no current way of surfacing a link between the old and new systems.
  • I liked the old QP, why did you change?
    • Atlassian, our service provider for the issue tracking software, deprecated and retired some of their systems. This new portal is based on the latest offering they have for this kind of customer ticketing system.
  • Is the new QP running on the old servers? How reliable is it going to be?
    • This new Quality Portal (QP) uses cloud-based hosting from Atlassian. It should be robust and early usage seems to indicate it’s pretty fast too.

Some QP notes:

  • Some people are reporting that they do not see any issues after signing up. I have seen some comments that they are working on this issue and some have also said that if you add a new issue, then you are automatically added to the proper group to see all the issues. (Please don’t create a junk issue just to get quicker access… create an account and wait a day if needed.)
  • With two different public systems and a third internal system in use by Embarcadero staff, ticket duplication is going to be an ongoing issue.

And after 88 days of server downtime with no estimate on restoration, GetIt is still unusable for RAD Studio 10.4. As with the idea of getting old QP issues into the new QP, I assume this is a lost cause at this point.