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Delphi Programming: how it started, how it's going

A recent popular internet meme is two pictures representing a starting position compared to the current state. I thought I would interject a Delphi specific meme with a How It Started and How It’s Going image for Delphi.

Delphi 1 was released back on February 14, 1995 targeting 16-bit Windows 3.1 (of course, Turbo Pascal had a very active history the decade prior.) The last major version, Delphi 10.4 Sydney Update 1, was released on September 2, 2020. The platform list which Delphi now supports is impressive and there are future plans for supporting the ARM processor for macOS in the next major update.

We don’t always have to wait for major updates for improved platform support, as Embarcadero is aggressively releasing smaller patches and has released three such minor updates to 10.4.1. The last update was made available on November 25, 2020 and it improved platform support for iOS 14 and macOS 11 Big Sur. (iOS 14 was released in mid-September and Big Sur was released in November, before the 10.4.1 version was released.) You can always check Embarcadero’s platform support pages for official status.

Delphi programming meme

Delphi has come a long way since 1995! It is perhaps the most capable multi-platform development tool compiling native applications on the market today and is certainly the best tool for targeting desktop applications on Microsoft Windows where it has long been a recognized leader.

From massively popular applications like FL Studio to countless internal enterprise applications, Delphi is the secret weapon for many 10x Developers.

Let’s see your meme creations for Delphi!